About Us


A safe, happy, healthy and wealthy child, young, old whose all requirements are fulfilled in a society which is based on love, equity, involvement and dedication.


To motivate under privileged people which help them a lot along with the society and overall level of the community lift up every day. To remove inferiority complex of those people who are neglected from main stream of society. To enable people through different activities by which morale, thinking, standard of living, confidence, sense of responsibility, self-potential realization will be sunrised.

Founders Desk

He is a Doctor, a general physician. He was a medical officer. He struggled a lot all through his life during medical practice. 
He faced many drastic situations when checked cancer, HIV, Hepatitis patients. He never neglected poor’s, needy, tribal, SC, ST people even people did not had money in their pockets. He took challenges to recover his patients without hesitation. He always gave his time to poor, needy people 24×7 without frustration. He never denied his duty during more than 32 years of medical service and still he is contributing. Now he has decided to go with a cause so be with him, be that charge.


Dr. Kishor started his medical service as a medical officer in Sangamner Cottage Hospital in year 1986. Through this service he could serve many people belonging to various villages and different classes. He helped many needy and neglected poor people in society even when they did not had a single rupee to pay. He worked around the clock through his life for his duty. He has been practicing in Kalas village, Taluka Akole which is included in tribal zone.
Dr. Kishor organised many social events since 1986 such as free hepatitis B vaccination camping.
Dr. Kishor and his wife both are registered medical practitioner since more than 30 years. His wife also helps him to server orphan girls through free medical health check up. The both are doing there duty since 1986 happily because they believe in hope.