For Children

2,000/- Donate 5 Sport Kit for poor children

2,000/- Donate 10 slipper (foot wear) for poor childrens (age below 12 years)

10,000/- Donate 50 new dress for poor children (age below 1 year)

15,000/- Donate 60 new school bags to under privileged children (Age below 12 years)

20,000/- Donate 20 non-poisonous/herbal toys kit to per children (Age less than 10 years)

For Old

10,500/- Donate 15 sticks to older people.

15,000/- Donate 10 walkers to older people

25,000/- Donate 25 eye glasses to older people and let them see this world without any barrier

Donate on Special Occasion

1,000/- Donate 5 slipper (foot wear) for poor children (age below 12 years)

1,500/- Donate 6 new dress for poor children (age below 1 year)

  2,000/- Donate 10 water bottles to poor children

5,000/- Donate 25 quality food packets to poor children

10,000/- Donate 5 mattresses to poor people

Donate as per your wish

Donate as per your wish!